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Summer Camp

Who knew learning Spanish could be so much fun?  Come join us and find out why our students learn to speak great Spanish and have tons of fun at LPCB.  Camps are for children entering K-5th Grade. 

Children will further their existing Spanish or learn Spanish for the first time in this summer camp in which the main focus is to have tons of fun.  

Kids will play sports, dance, and do art all in Spanish.  Each week we focus on a different sport: soccer, basketball, football, baseball, etc. Lots of gardening and out door projects with plants and nature.  They will enjoy drawing, painting and creating with our especially creative arts and crafts teacher.
Kids should bring their own lunch and 2 snacks.  You can keep up with all of the fun via our Private Facebook Group.

What will my child's day look like?

The children are divided into similar age groups for activities, K to 1st, 2nd/3rd and 4th/5th. Each group participates in the three activities offered through out the day.


8-9 Before care

9-9:45 Arrival welcome/arts & crafts

9:45-10:30 Transition & Snack
10:30-11am Sports/Organized Games

11-12 Nature/Gardening

12-1 Lunch and free play

1-1:30 Cool Down Time

1:30 - 2:15 Movement Class

2:15 - 2:45 Reading/Writing/Sharing

3-5 After care includes indoor game time, outside free play, arts and crafts, and many more activities.

On hot days kids will have a water play day complete with water balloons

Cost is $300 per week from 8am-3pm

$10 per hour for After care 3-5 pm (Invoice to be sent after last day of camp)

$2 per minute if you arrive after 5pm to pick up your camper.



How will you teach Spanish?

All of our instructors are language learning specialists that teach via repetition and use of concise language. Each of our instructors employ the method of TPR (Total Physical Response), in which the word/concept/thing is shown/demonstrated/acted out. A set vocabulary of words and phrases that highlight the key concepts of each lesson are adhered to through out the day by the whole camp or in the individual classes.   Children will learn how to converse but also the vocabulary of the activity they are engaging in.  Our goal is to use Spanish 90% to 95% of the time, while using English as little as possible.

What if my child doesn't Speak Spanish?  

Our teachers are prepared to work with all language levels. Even if your child speaks to our teachers in English, they will respond in Spanish. They will help the child to learn the same phrase in Spanish. Repetition and practice are key to learning any language. The kids will quickly learn the basics and have fun doing so. We encourage our Native Spanish speakers to participate in helping the English speakers learn.

What if my child already speaks Spanish?

Your child will love practicing Spanish all day long with our fluent instructors and will have a great time sharing with others in Spanish.  

Do I have to go to all weeks or can I just buy individual weeks? 

The summer camp is meant to be purchased per week, each week is self contained so they do not need to go to all, only the ones that work for you.

Give us a call:


Available Summer Camp Weeks 2022
Summer Camps are not contiguous so you can pick the weeks that you prefer.

Week One June 6th - 10th


Week Two June 13th - 17th (4 day camp)


Week Three June 20th - 24th


Week Four June 27th - July 1st


Closed for the week of 4th of July


Week Five July 11th - July 15th

Week Six July 18th - July 22


Week Seven July 25th - 29th


Week Eight August 1st - 5th

Meet Some of Our Instructors

Erika Guzman was born in Mexico City. She learned to speak Spanish and English at the same time. She was known as Erika la perika (parrot) because she never stopped chatting. She moved to the United States at the age of 5 and continued to travel back and forth to Mexico for most of her life. Her strengths are in performance, cooking and sharing her passion for music. She can take almost any recipe and make it kid friendly. She discovers new foods while traveling the world and finds a way to recreate the dish at home. She's gotten rave food reviews from all of our students.

"I just think it is important for you to know how much of an impact your program has had after only 1 day for my son especially but as a whole both of my boys. If i may provide you with a brief history: My son struggled really bad this past year as a new 1st grader.  He endured extreme bullying that i was not even aware of the depths of trauma. We also had serious challenges at home with his father and myself that escalated. I worked hard to do my part to "save" him as my child however some things have lasting effects that we are oftentimes not aware of until it is too late. In short we were advised that my son was under extreme stress and needed a change of environment in specific his school.  My son had been demonstrating serious built up anger from his experiences. He is an advanced student by a year and seemed to have become a seriously behind student in a matter of months.

Yesterday was the first day i seen "MY"  baby in the last 6 months. Excited to learn, excited about what the next day would intel and he when I picked him up already he was using what Español words he could remember from the day.

Thank you as this is such huge deal for our family. Thank you... thank you... thank you....

Respectfully  & humbly"

A Happy Parent

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